May 14, 2009

OAK blog.

Hi folks!

Yeah, it's been a while... but I'm back to blogging. Writing with some other friends of mine in a collective blog, for our recently launched brand consultancy company, OAK.

Care to join us there?

See ya,


Feb 18, 2009

Buzzófias contrata Pedro Rocha

... O famoso blogger passa assim a colaborar nessa plataforma colectiva, o "Buzzófias", desta feita escrevendo na sua língua materna. E gostaria de convidar os utilizadores deste espaço a visitar esse blog.

Os planos de criação de um espaço virtual novo mantêm-se, estando ainda por definir os contornos do mesmo. Avisarei-vos-ei aquando da criação do mesmo, aqui, num espaço perto de si.


"Buzzófias" hires Pedro Rocha.

... The famous blogger will now cooperate in the collective blog, "Buzzófias", this time writting in his native tongue (Portuguese that is...). And would like you to stop by.

I intend to create a new site soon, but have not yet defined the platform. Will post about it here, when I have news about it.

Feb 2, 2009

Did it Brand?

"Will it Brand?" is coming to an end. It has been a fun and rewarding experience for me - hopefully, for you too. The reason for this departure is quite simple - the need to refocus, to shed one's skin and evolve into another degree of participation in social media processes. I will try to setup a new website soon, with a more personal tone of voice, as I miss sharing other subjects and opinions not directly related to marketing and branding issues, but that remain sources of inspiration to me.

I will remain available on twitter, facebook and other online platforms though, actively sharing content on these subjects and, having setup a presence elsewhere ( probably a personal site, that I hope to update with content in a regular basis), I'll let you now.

So it's bye-bye for now. I'll catch up with you later :).